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So why should you buy a Monster Tower over any other tower brand? Well, first of all, we were first of all. We were the first company to come up with an aftermarket tower you could install on your boat. We specialize in designing and delivering superior watersports towers and accessories to outfit virtually any boat for whatever you want to do. So as your interests evolve, so can your Monster Tower.

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Product Features

  • First to market — more than 30,000 towers sold.
  • The best value for your hard-earned money.
  • Sturdy 2.5” tubing — largest in the industry.
  • Rock solid design with no movement.
  • Anodized finish that keeps the tower shiny for years.
  • Multiple sleek and trendy designs that flow with all styles of boats.
  • Easy to install at home or by your local Monster Tower dealer.
  • Same day shipping.
  • Hundreds of Monster Tower Dealers throughout the United States and in 57 countries around the world.
  • Best customer service on the planet. Our existing customers are our best sales representatives.
  • Monster’s Guarantee: If you don’t love your Monster Tower, we’ll take it back. Period.

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Monster Tower
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