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For stunning tower designs and superior functionality, boat builders turn to Xtreme Tower Products.

Located in Maryville, Tennessee, XTP neighbors many of our boat manufacturer partners who were also attracted to the area for the abundance of lakes and waterways. It is easy (sometimes too easy) to head to the water to test our latest wakeboard tower design or some new wakeboard racks in a healthy mix of work and play.

The expertise of our designers coupled with the passion we have for wakeboarding gives us a unique perspective in the industry. We not only know what makes a functional wakeboard tower, but what tower designs the best boat manufacturers are selling – because we are making it for them! As the original equipment manufacturer of wakeboard towers and accessories for the world's top manufacturers, our products complement boat design and create an exciting edge to the sport of wakeboarding.

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Product Features

  • The world’s largest wakeboard tower manufacturer.
  • Innovative and attractive tower designs.
  • Functional solutions that incorporate the lines, layout and purpose of each vessel.
  • Design and materials customized to each manufacturer’s line.

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Xtreme Tower Products
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